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aMust since 1983


About Wijndragers

Over the years De Wijndragers has become a modern producer of mustard, dressings and sauces, always with the highest regard for traditional craftsmanship.
These days you can find us in a small factory on the outskirts of the industrial park De Marslanden in Zwolle (NL) where, in a fully BRC certified environment, production and filling take place with the aid of semi-automated processes. However, the actual production of the now world famous mustard is still done manually. To this day our products are crafted from premium raw materials only, with respect for the centuries old tradition of the mustard maker. This is your guarantee of a unique, traditional product with that very special flavour.



The ancient tradition of mustard making is kept alive by mustard factory De Wijndragers, established since 1983 in the monumental tower bearing the same name. The tower forms part of the medieval ramparts of the city of Zwolle and owes its name to the Guild of the Wine Bearers, in Dutch the “Wijndragers”, housed in the tower during the Middle Ages.



Vision: De Wijndragers manufacture quality products from natural ingredients and that is exactly what you, the customer, can expect. For over 30 years we have made our mostly mustard based products for you with passion and pride, consistent with the quality we are renowned for.

Mission: De Wijndragers believes in pure, natural, high quality raw materials, products and relationships. This is the backbone of our business and it guides our daily activities down to the last details. Our goal: supplying customers worldwide with a convincing, superior quality product.